About Us


My name is Thanassis Spyropoulos. I’m 35 and I live in Athens, Greece. Apart from being a passionate wedding videographer, I’m also a loving husband and father. I consider myself a pursuer of new experiences, destinations, cultures, stories. I view wedding as the peak of a life’s journey and the beginning of a fresh one. Even better, as the crossroad of two exciting stories, holding endless exhilarating moments ready to be captured and immortalized in time. I love capturing:

  • The authenticity and truthfulness of facial expressions
  • Any spontaneous- yet priceless- reactions made by thecouple, family and friends; features making each wedding unique and inimitable
  • The overall emotional intensity experienced during thecouple’s first encounter at the wedding ceremony

“My background in documentary gave me the opportunity to appreciate even more the meaning behind a mere moment. Where the truth really lies.”

Several destinations from my professional journey worth highlighting:

  • Studied Cinematography & Photography (specializing in direction & editing)
  • Was part of 2 lifestyle/fashion-oriented programs for national tv channels as producer (JOY-MEGA Channel / Eventful-SKAI TV)
  • Worked for Reuters & Hispan TV for 3 years as a correspondent
  • Participated in “Caravan Project” (series of narrative documentaries produced around Greece) with 3 documentaries
  • One of them, “Black Land” participated in France’s “Festival International de films documentaries”, earning the“Audience Award”
  • Directed “Un dias con Evo Morales” documentary, participating in Thessaloniki International Film Festival
  • Producer of several Greek artists’ music videos
  • Filmed major events for companies like Lipton, Stolichnaya, Jägermeister, Lays, Quaker, Southern Comfort etc.

“For me, wedding videography is much more than a passion. It’s the perfect way of expressing my brighter and warmer inner thoughts and feelings.”

My name is Akis Valergakis. I’m 24 and I live in Athens as well. I always knew I‘d become a cinematographer. The first time I realized I had a passion for the camera was when I was just a boy and started experimenting with a single-use camera.
My dream of becoming a cinematographer became a reality four years ago, when I started working on movies and documentaries. Now, as a director of photography in wedding videos, I have the chance to establish a fresh approach to wedding video aesthetics.