“This is why we like to give relevant titles to every story we film, since each one of them has a unique “plot” and a unique meaning to us as well.”

  • We consider ourselves more than just destination wedding videographers. We are travelers. Narrators. Storytellers.
  • Having a profound relationship with most of our couples, we view ourselves as “silent”guests at their wedding, candidly and naturally capturing their moments; and really doing our best not to disrupt their natural expressions and spontaneity. So, when they ask us what this whole experience is going to be like, we just tell them: “Relax, be natural and enjoy these moments (your top moments!) as much as you can and we’ ll be there to capture all the highlights!”
  • Our background and experience in documentary and filmmaking, give us a different angle of approaching wedding videography. It is about distilling and expressing each couple’s uniqueness and diversity through sequential frames that have this diversity imprinted.
  • We handle every wedding video we make more as a short film, where our couple is the protagonist and all features around it- from their families and friends, to the destination, the natural settings and the music- are integral pieces of that story-building puzzle. We are, therefore, in pursuit of those special features and dynamics within your wedding day, which can be absolutely portrayed in your wedding video: the expectation, faith, affection, passion. The Happiness.
  • We strongly follow the “less is more” philosophy, giving great attention to quality and detail. So, we prefer to undertake limited projects every year, to remain creative and fully-committed to our craft and approach of producing unique videos for our unique couples.