Amorous Sweetness

The warmness and sweetness of her smile lit up the cloudy day. She looked at him with genuine love and affection. He pulled her hair back, letting just a wisp of her curly hair fall over her forehead. He then held her gently in his arms and shut his eyes to feel the power of their embrace; as well as the intensity of her presence near him. He knew that wherever in the world they went, they‘d be together. And this little thought made him happy and calm for one simple reason. She meant the world to him.

VIdeo after the still frames

Lisa and Sakis is a young couple living in London. Lisa works as a pastry chef and Sakis as a chef. When they decided to get married, they spontaneously chose Syros island in Greece, having a deep connection with the place. They wanted their wedding to feel intimate and sweet- just as they are.

I remember many things from that lovely wedding: the pre-wedding party on the beach, where everyone had an amazing time partying and dancing all day; as well as the calmness and confidence of the bride during her preparation on the wedding day. I also remember the emotional intensity and joy of Sakis, when he was presented with his “surprise video” at the wedding reception, made for him by Lisa. In the video, Lisa sang a Greek song ‘Tα καντήλια’(oil lamps), praising the power and eternity of love. By the end of the song, everyone seemed to share the same feeling of hope and faith for this young couple, who were just starting their new life together. And among them, of course me it was me as well.

I still remember the love and devotion I saw shining between them on the wedding’s “next day” -which took place on the beach- when Sakis held Lisa gently and looked at her so intensely as if nothing or no one lay beyond them. Not even us.